SDL Trados Studio 2009 Demo

SDL has released a Demo version of SDL Trados Studio 2009. Those who wanted to know what the big fuzz (good and bad) is about can finally see it for themselves. Also, the Service Pack 1 for SDL Trados Studio 2009 will be released soon; I’ve been using the SP1 Beta for a couple of days, and it seems pretty stable… so far. I did get an error due to my custom Language Resource settings. But resetting the TM’s Language Resource fixed the problem.

From SDL:

NEW! SDL Trados Studio 2009 Demo

Download the new SDL Trados Studio 2009 interactive demo to discover the host of new features, including:

  • How to use the new features in SDL Trados Studio 2009, such as, AutoSuggestTM, Real-time preview, QuickPlaceTM and Context Match.
  • How to customize your new editing environment and set up your short cuts.
  • How to use the project management and SDL package technology
  • How to upgrade your translation memories and use the enhanced concordance search
  • Specific topics for our power users such as, advanced translation memory creation and maintenance.

Request the demo at:

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