Translation: SDL Trados Studio Shortcuts (Editor only)

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This happens to be my first blog entry! Yay!

I’ve been using SDL Trados Studio for a while now and so far, I really liked it. The release candidate still has plenty of bugs, but overall it’s very usable. It’s a shame because, in my opinion, it’s the best product SDL has launched and it fixes many of the productivity issues of previous versions.

Anyway, since many of the commands are new, I compiled a list of all the shortcuts in the Editor view. I find it very useful; I hope somebody else will too. I uploaded two lists: one with all the Editor shortcuts and the other one has the most common shortcuts highlighted.

Download: Studio 2009 – Editor Shortcuts.pdf
Download: Studio 2009 – Editor Shortcuts (highlighted).pdf

FYI, these are the shortcuts I have highlighted:

Action Shortcut
Check Spelling F7
Concordance Search F3
Confirm and Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Alt+Enter
Confirm and Move to Next Unconfirmed Segment Alt+Add
Copy Source to Target Ctrl+lns, Alt+lns
Delete to End of Row Ctrl+D
Lock Segment Ctrl+L
Lookup Translations Ctrl+Shift+T
Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Down
Move to Previous Segment Ctrl+Up
Perform Concordance Search Enter
Repeat Go To Ctrl+J
Restore Tags Ctrl+Shift+G
Select Row Alt+Space
Show Translated Terms Ctrl+Shift+L
Source Concordance Search Ctrl+F3
Split Segment Alt+Shift+T
Target Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+F3
Toggle formatting tag display Ctrl+Shift+H
Verify F8

Edit: SDL has released a Show Shortcut list plugin that can be added to the toolbar. I haven’t tried it yet but sounds really helpful.

Also, SDL acknowledged that their policy about SDL Trados 2007 and SDL Trados 2007 Suite was a mistake and they have corrected the course, so I removed my comment about not upgrading.

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