25% off AIT software – Including Translation Office 3000

Translation Office 3000 is the best accounting tool for freelancer in the market. But TO3000 is not only good to keep the books and to create invoices, the software can also manage clients, projects and so much more. I personally have been using TO3000 for years and it has been a great investment; it saves[…]

25% de descuento en los programas de AIT, incluyendo Translation Office 3000

Translation Office 3000 es el mejor programa de administración para traductores. TO3000 no sólo sirve para llevar la contabilidad y crear facturas; el programa también puede adminstrar los clientes, los proyectos y mucho más. Yo personalmente llevo usando TO3000 por años y definitivamente ha valido la pena por el tiempo que me ahorra y además,[…]

28% discount for all AIT products (including Translation Office 3000 and Projetex)

AIT has announced a new-year campaign with a 28% discount on all products, including Translation Office 3000 and Projetex. I’ve been using Translation Office 3000 for several years and it’s one of the best investments I made. It not only creates invoices and handles payments, but it’s a great and easy-to-use project management tool for[…]

Tip for translators: Using TO3000 to keep all databases in one single place

One of my favorite applications for translators is Translation Office 3000. It’s much more than just an invoice tool or a project management application, the built-in browser can keep all the relevant translation files just one-click away.

For instance, using TO3000 and shortcuts, I keep all my databases (glossaries, TMs, termbases, project references, etc) in one single place, regardless of their physical location. I just add shortcuts of their folders in a Client-specific folder automatically created by TO3000 at the moment the client is added. The next time I want to access any of those files, I just go to the Project>Folders tab and find it in the Clients Folder, right by the Project Folder.

This is particularly useful for those translators who use a separate Translation Memory or Glossary for each client or topic. There’s no need to spend any time trying to find the client’s files, they’re all available from one single location.

For a detailed explanation, click on the link: […]