SDL Trados Studio: Importing Multiterm 2007 termbases into Multiterm 2009 (Video Tutorial)

Multiterm Termbase

Multiterm Termbase

Unlike previous versions, the new Multiterm 2009 allows the user to select where to store the termbases. In my opinion’, working directly with Multiterm 2009 termbases is much better and allows more flexibility over the termbases.

Converting a Multiterm 2007 termbase (mdb file) into a Multiterm 2009 termbase (sdltb file) is very easy to do. But since the new termbases create additional files (just like Trados TM’s), the best approach is to place each termbase into a single folder. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Multiterm 2007 termbase (mbd).
  2. Export it as a Multiterm xml file.
  3. Create a new Multiterm 2009 termbase (using the old Multiterm 2007 termbase as a template).
  4. Check the settings of the new termbase. This step is not really necessary since all the settings should be the same as the old termbase.
  5. Import the xml file (as Fast import).

And that’s it.

It doesn’t even take two minutes to convert each termbase. I created a video tutorial of the whole process:

Importing Multiterm 2007 termbases into Multiterm 2009

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