Free 1-year subscription to Multilingual (Localization Magazine)

MultiLingual offered a one-year subscription at the ProZ Virtual conference last month. I just received an email from them offering the same one-year subscription for the magazine. It’s not too late to sign up for a free one-year digital subscription. With focuses on such topics as quality assurance, project management, and e-learning, plus such regional[…]

First chapter of José Saramago’s new novel: Cain

Cain (Caín in Spanish, Caim in Portuguese), the highly anticipated new book by Nobel-laureate José Saramago will hit the shelves on October 15th. With this book, Saramago takes up the topic of “god”, 18 years after The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. The book starts with: “”Cuando el señor, también conocido como dios, se dio[…]